On 28th March 2014, we released our album 'NOW+ 4EVA' via our imprint, Casual Workout.

To us, the pop album has always been a living, breathing ecosystem. It’s more than an mp3, or a click of the like button; a piece of plastic or 3 minutes on the radio - it’s an experience.

To further extend this experience, we launched the NOW + 4EVA Concept Store, a temporary retail space in the heart of the biggest mall in Melbourne's CBD.

Part gallery, part listening space, part retail emporium, the NOW + 4EVA Concept Store (amongst a million other things) sought to re-configure and re-imagine the possibilities of music retail.

As well as the new album on Vinyl, CD, Cassette and USB, the Concept Store presented ’NOW + 4EVA’ themed commissions and collaborations with a bunch of Melbourne based designers, creative minds and artisans.

Featuring a collection by clothing label Kloke, bags by Witu, jewellery and accessories by Dale Hardiman, 3D candy versions of the band by Red Balloon via Lucy McRae, Socks by Tightology and Nail Polish by Kester Black.

All products were housed in an immersive sonic and retail environment created by innovative Melbourne architecture firm, Sibling, featuring an aural installation, deconstructing ‘NOW + 4EVA' which we made to soundtrack people's time in the space.

We saw this project as an opportunity to forge a vibrant new connection with our audience, to foster the spirit of collaboration in Melbourne's creative community and in turn, explore ideas of what 'the album' can be, in a time when it struggles to retain relevance as an art form. 

We hope you enjoy the online version!

4EVA yours,





NOW + 4EVA Store photos by Tobias Titz